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A resurgence of traditional crafts

The Wild Dyer:
A guide to natural dyes & the art of patchwork & stitch
By Abigail Booth
ISBN: 978-0857833952
Published by Kyle Books

By teaching the foundations of natural dyeing, and guiding you through the simple stitch techniques, The Wild Dyer allows crafters to dip in and out of projects while learning how to forage for and grow your own dye plants. In this book, Abigail Booth demystifies the ‘magic’ of natural dyeing and shows how to use the results to stunning effect in 15 wonderful patchwork and stitch projects, including a drawstring forager’s bag, an apron, samplers, cushions and a reversible patchwork blanket. 

Focusing on how to grow or gather your own dyeing materials from onion and avocado skins to chamomile and comfrey, nettles and acorns – as well as scouring, mordanting (using fixative) and setting up a dye vat, Abigail explains how to create effective dyes. And once you have them, how you can produce beautiful, contemporary textiles that can then be used to create projects that build on your skills. The book retails at £16.99.

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