BBC The Customer is Always Right features Buttoonies

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Buttoonies were featured on the new BBC series the Customer is Always Right today and we have received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Buttoonies are mini craft kits which create characters made from buttons and shaped foam pieces. The go together with no glue, no scissors or needles simply by threading the cord through the buttons and when they are all together tying them off in knot. They currently retail at £1.99 each.

We were asked to do the show in January and although we had had Buttoonies around for a couple of years we were in a position of wondering whether to continue the development or the product or discontinue it. The show offered us real reactions from real customers and within 6 hours of the show airing we had sold over 700 units. It’s been an amazing response and had re-affirmed our faith in the product, which we will be developing further and creating new lines.

“I’m so happy that Buttoonies have had such a warm response, it is one of my favourite products to design and I take a lot of time making sure that each one has real character. I will be keeping the product on and developing the Buttoonies much much further thanks to the show.”

To find out more visit or contact 0191 296 0398

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