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Entrepreneur launches new retail platform


Manchester, UK 16th October 2019. Makers Retail Limited, founded by entrepreneur Tony Sheridan,has today announced the upcoming launch of its new retail business, The proposition, which will have an initial launch this month and fully rolled out early 2020, promises to bring innovative product and creative connectivity digitally, in-store and throughout the Maker communities. will not only be an e-commerce proposition, it’s innovation will extend to the high street driving connectivity to Makers in the heart of local communities.

Tony Sheridan commented,

”Let me start with our company vision, ‘By Delivering Innovation, Be The Facilitator Of Creativity And Pride’. This is important to us, retailers and Makers alike have told me that there is a lack of innovation in product development whether that is the product itself, the curated offer or the creative inspiration that is specific to the product. However, the Makers out there are hungry for new challenges. We are working with brands and product innovators to facilitate that connection to the Maker, enabling a full understanding of use to fulfil the product experience, not just at the time of purchase but afterwards too. We want the Maker to fulfil their creative desire and that immeasurable feeling of pride in the end result, which in turn drives engagement.”

Tony further commented,

”As a team we are excited about the initial brands and innovators that have bought into our vision, showcasing exciting product with relevant education throughout the Maker journey and having the platform as the hub for our virtual and in-community proposition that will really close the circle bringing the product owners, stores, Makers and community groups together like never before, all under our pledge of first class service. We will roll out our platform proposition over the coming months, exciting and fun times ahead.”

As part of the proposition, will work with independent stores to bring the product to life through ‘Maker Meet-ups‘ engaging the local communities and driving much needed revenues to the independents.
Tony added,

”Championing Creativity wherever it resides is important. Some will see our proposition as disruptive, but maybe this market needs that.” is live and available for sign ups, the website launches 25th October 2019 with its first of many major partnerships. Further propositions will be announced throughout the coming months with a full launch scheduled for January 2020.

About Makers Retail Limited
Makers Retail Limited is a business focused on product innovation and connectivity to the Maker communities. The company operates, a consumer ecommerce platform and Maker Trade, the company’s business to business division which distributes own or partner propositions domestically and internationally.

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