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Stand out and sell more with brilliant product descriptions

Product descriptions are a commonly overlooked part of your product page anatomy, which is unfortunate, as these small but mighty sections of text make a huge impact on the shoppers buying decisions.

They’re especially important for people shopping online, as they’re not instore having the hands-on experience of seeing products up-close and being able to touch and feel fabrics and textiles. You can use this content to really paint a picture of what you’re selling and in this short guide, we’ll show you how you can do this successfully.

Establish who you’re writing for…

Before you begin writing product descriptions – or anything on your website for that matter – you need to establish who exactly you’re writing this for. Who is your ideal audience? Who will be reading this?

If you’re lucky enough to work with a marketing team or individual, they can help build your buyer personas. But, don’t worry if not – you should already have a good idea of who your customer is. Start with these basics, and write as though you are directly addressing them and appealing to their interests.Focus on the features and benefits together

Mentioning the features of the product is, of course, vital to selling as these give the buyer useful information on what they’re buying. However, if you can tie in the benefits with the features – you’re on to a winning formula. Heres a brief example of how you can do this:

Let’s use a simple sewing machine as an example…


● Automatic threader
● 30 built-in embroidery designs
● USB port
● Autostop

But that’s a bit boring, isn’t it? Let’s jazz things up a bit using that information:

Our new advanced sewing machine comes with a variety of functions and features. An automatic threader to help accuracy and speed up getting started on your next exciting project and an autostop function for when a pesky thread breaks – it happens to the best of us! This machine also comes with 30 built-in embroidery designs for you to personalise creative projects and clothing with ease. Not just this, the machine has a USB port so you can upload even more designs at the click of a button.

Think about formatting and layout

A lot of people merely scan the content they read online, picking out the bits that are most important to them. You need to cleverly cater to these readers by including formatting that highlights the important parts of your text and lays them out in an accessible manner. Use bold text to highlight keywords, subheadings and bullet points to layout information.

You can view our full guide to writing the best product descriptions here.

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Charlotte McKee
Content and Social Media Manager, Venditan

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