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The rise of clay crafting

Mixed media and home décor continue their strong growth as crafters find new ways to be creative and dimensional with these products. One of the most recent and popular methods to add detailed dimension is to include clay within the project. This trend has created a significant rise in clay sales and products that work with clay such as moulds and cutters, as the hard work in customer education done by companies such as Katy Sue Designs over the last few years has reached the tipping point.

Managing Director Susan Balfour explained “ We first imported the premium air drying clay range Hearty Clay, three years ago to use in our silicone moulds on craft TV. At first consumers were interested in the traditional character type moulds which gave them an easy way to create their own figures for gifting, but in the last 12 months we’ve seen a big shift in style with consumers wanting the intricate embellishment moulds to decorate cards, shadow boxes and frames. We have made things simple by only working with a brand of clay that we know will give the customer the best results and have been delighted to see the sales of our clay and moulds rocket during the last 6-9 months”.

Katy Sue Designs is a designer and manufacturer of imaginative craft and cake decorating products. The Katy Sue product range is equally as popular and useable with cake decorating as general crafts and papercrafts, and its award-winning silicone moulds are known worldwide for their creative designs, stunning detail and superior quality. Cake decorators, jewellery makers and clay crafters alike love the innovation that Katy Sue have brought to their moulds which are lovingly made at the Katy Sue factory in England.

For more information on the product ranges available, click on over to Katy Sue Designs

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