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Warning ‘business buzzword bingo’…

2020 saw the business landscape flip on its head. It disrupted every inch the omni-channel chain. As businesses we have had to adapt, pivot and change how we operate and navigate through a challenging year.Along the way I have made mistakes, faced challenging and difficult times. I ran Creative Industry Association in 2020, almost as a free service, so that I was able to continue to help, support, advise and navigate as many businesses as best as possible.

The next few months are going to be challenging, we will have to continue to evolve our goalsrevaluate our business plans and ensure they are flexible. We need to make sure our businesses are working in synergy with our staff and customers to keep the moving the needle. Ok enough of the buzzwords… Let’s get down to it…

During 2021 I will continue to help businesses as best I can, where I can. If I feel the information or help you require is something above, beyond and what only members should have access to, please do not be offended if and when I ask you to join Creative Industry Association, as an independent business it is how I put food on the table.

By joining Creative Industry Association you join a huge community of international members from the largest to the smallest of businesses and entrepreneurs. As a collective we can make positive changes that will solidify all our businesses and the future of the creative, craft and hobby industry.

As a member you also access to 365 Creative Exchanges – 12 months of Online Marketing, Zoom Meetings, Talks and Interviews with Industry Experts and Brands. I will help with Networking, Connections, Introductions, Business Insights, Online Promotions for your Business, Brands, Products and Events.

As a member you will have direct access to over 20 years of knowledge, contacts and confidential one-on-one Business Advice and Strategic Planning, Information and Knowledge and direct access to me. You can also tap into useful information from experts about online marketing, fighting copying, latest trends and research, logistics, business information and news. You get all this and more for an annual membership fee!

My aim is to provide you with everything you need for a positive mindset, for you to save time and money and for your business to succeed!

So let us talk….contact me directly via or visit

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