AFCI.UK – Association For Creative Industries UK, formed in May 2012, registered as a non-for-profit trade association (No. 07914498), designed to Unify, Develop and Inspire the Creative Craft and Hobby Industry via Learning, Connecting and discovering.

Based in the UK, specifically catering to the needs of creative, craft and hobby professionals from designers, educationalists, start-ups, independent retailers, chain and online stores, buyers, suppliers, TV channels, manufactures, wholesalers, publishers and everyone in between.
Governed by a volunteer group called Board Members who represent a broad cross-section of the UK creative, craft and hobby industry, collectively we work for the success of the association and ultimately, you, our members!
Aims and Missions
Every association has aims and missions; by joining the AFCI.UK you will be able to get the encouragement you need to help achieve yours.

Our aims:

  • Unifying the creative, craft and hobby industry
  • Developing the creative craft and hobby industry and helping our members achieve success
  • Making sure all our members Learn, Connect, Discover way in which to increase their businesses.
  • Providing a trade association that is unique to the needs of the creative, craft and hobby market and governed by industry leaders
  • Providing specific benefits to all members
  • Offering affordable membership options with tangible returns

While our aims are few the benefits to you and your business are limitless!

Our Mission:

  • AFCI.UK will maintain being the corner stone of the UK creative industry by providing our members with the specific opportunities, information, support, advice they, as individuals and as a collective, require to become more successful.
  • AFCI.UK will consistently add value to members and build a healthy, vibrant and successful global creative market.
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