Welcome to Creative Industry News supporting AFCI.UK, its members and the creative industry.

Who........Click here to meet the team

The team behind Creative Industry News has worked jointly in the creative industry for more than 30 years+.

Craig De Souza, Executive Director
“I’ve been working within the creative, craft and hobby industry for 15 years; 11 years in advertising and now as the Executive Director of the Association for Creative Industries in the UK (AFCI.UK). The members employ me to help them succeed. I’m the conduit for them to call on if they require help, information or advice regarding their creative business. This support help ranges from finding cheap stationery supplies, helping with business contacts to finding inexpensive suppliers and getting free tickets to trade shows.”

Why......How we can keep you in the creative loop

Creative Industry News is an exciting and innovative digital news portal where we will be sharing the latest news from AFCI.UK members, as well as from the global craft sector with interesting interviews, hot new product launches and expert advice direct to your tablet, phone or computer.

When you need it, and wherever you need it!

We’ll concentrate on the Association for Creative Industries UK’s three cornerstones – LEARN, CONNECT and DISCOVER, and bring you all the best and relevant information from the craft sector.
We want to make it easier for you to connect with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, make ordering easier, learning about new products and discovering new skills quicker.

How......Find out about our digital magazine here

The Creative Industry News website will be constantly updated with news from the creative sector,
In addition, every month you’ll be able to read our digital magazine, which you can access when and wherever you need to, making it a convenient way to keep up-to-date with your industry.

Both on the website and the digital magazine, there will be interactive links to go directly to buy stock for your shop and for more information making it faster and more convenient to do business!
Pick up your ‘taster’ edition of our magazine, Creative Industry News – at CHSI Stitches in Birmingham or h+h Cologne. This has been specially designed to launch at this year’s trade season in a printed format as an example of things to come!

Help spread the news :-)

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